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This blog is a showcase of my work, both writing and photography. Below are a few glimpses but if you want to read or look further simply find posts in the menu above.

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Incident in Alaska

I thought I did this for fun, until I fell in a cascading slope of granite boulders, in the Talkeetna Mountains, pulled myself up, bloody, and realized just how easily my life could end here before I had time to realize it happened.

A. R.

Quadwallups and Filaments

The alarm startled me out of a deep sleep. At least I thought it was the alarm. The sound was, in fact, my doorbell: chimes, not bells. I glanced at the clock. It was 2:12 a.m., but light flooded through the windows of my house as if it were midday. That wasn’t the strange part.

A. R.

Little Nightmares

Only Cara could understand the weight of what she was going to tell Dr. Johansen and she feared that, no matter what she said, the doctor would only prescribe medication or set up another appointment. But there wasn’t time for more appointments.

A. R.


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