Born in the bustling and progressive city of Portland, Oregon then raised in the quiet and conservative northeastern corner of Washington, on twenty acres and a log cabin built by him and his family, Adam Ramer has experienced two vivid and distinct views of the world; The urban vs agrarian ideal, democrats vs republican, religious vs nonreligious.

Adam is an outdoorsman and his pursuits have taken him deep into the Cascade Mountains of Washington, the peaks of Colorado, Wyoming, California, Oregon, and Alaska. His photography is a showcase of those experiences and he believes that photography is meant to tell a story, just as much as writing.

On this website is a collection of short stories and essays ranging from science fiction to memoir.

Adam is currently working on a novel that blends the lines of fantasy and general fiction. Early readers have likened his style to those of Neil Gaiman and John Green. He is projecting its finish date for early 2020.

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